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Hints & Tips

Just changing dirty filters on your furnace could save you five per cent on your heating bill.
Also, install a furnace alarm. This will tell you when to change filters to keep your furnace working efficiently.

Make sure your heating vents aren’t blocked by furniture or drapes and the dampers are open.
Vacuum out dust and pet hair from warm air registers and cold air returns so your furnace runs more efficiently.

Check doors for proper insulation.
Place your hand against a door from the inside. If it feels cooler than the inside walls, it might be time to install a door that’s better insulated.

Adding a humidifier to your heating system lets you turn the thermostat down and be comfortable at lower temperatures.
Aquariums and houseplants add humidity, too.

Change the direction of airflow on your ceiling fan.
For those cold, winter months, the blades should operate in a clockwise direction, helping to push the warm air from the ceiling down into the room. In the summer, the blades should operate in a counter clockwise direction as a way of creating a nice, gentle wind.

If you are thinking of replacing your furnace, consider getting one that’s rated 90 per cent or higher in efficiency.
Replacing your old furnace with a new, more energy efficient one can save up to 30 per cent of your heating costs. Remember to look for the ENERGY STAR® label.

If your home was built after 1940, you probably have cavity walls.
Have them filled with insulation, which could help you save money every year on heating and cooling.

Open the drapes or blinds on sunny days and bask in the ‘free’ heat.
Keep those south-facing windows squeaky clean to let the light through. Remember to close the drapes or blinds when the sun sets to keep the heat in.